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Maria TanMARIA TAN – aka MIA CHEN – is an Indonesian born pianist that came to the University of Hawaii on a full scholarship from the East West Center. She then completed a Master of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Illinois. She started teaching at the age of 13 and has continued teaching and performing to present. As Director of Academie 88, her students range from age 4 to 80. She has performed in many recitals, and appears as soloist or performing with other instrumentalists. Presently she serves as chairman for the Windward Music Teachers Association and as adjudicator for the American College of Musicians.

Her Chinese ancestry and her fascination with the metaphysical subjects since her childhood drew her to the art of divination, namely Astrology, Tarot and Destiny Card Reading. Now she specializes in the Chinese Art of Placement (Feng Shui) and the 4 pillar Bazi chart analysis, and Physiognomy (the Chinese Art of Face Reading). A disciple of the Black Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui and also the Flying Star School of Feng Shui, Mia Chen has done over a hundred private residences, businesses and personal charts all over Hawaii, California, Wisconsin, Indonesia and Japan. She uses her Feng Shui knowledge in advising couples with date selection, and compatibility reading in her role as coordinator of her wedding company,, &

Other interests include floral arrangements, cooking and community service. She has served on the board of Pacific Gateway Center, East West Center Alumni Association, and volunteered for many Historic Hawaii Foundation fund raising events, Hawaii Film Festivals. Mildly interested in politics, she likes to keep current with local, national and global issues. One of her passions is to continue teaching and to keep on learning. Starting her own line of KOMBUCHA PEPTEA gives her new experience in production, distribution, marketing, and other exciting opportunities! Vowing never to retire, Peptea has given her a new lease on life after a debilitating car injury 12 yrs ago and she wants to share the benefits of this amazing beverage with others. Consistent with the Yin-Yang principles of Feng Shui, Peptea keeps your physical chi and immune system in balance and gives one a sense of refreshing renewal at the start of the day!