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With all of the various remedies available on the market today it becomes a little overwhelming to know which one is right for you. Peptea works, but don’t just take our word for it.  Here is what some of our customers have to say!

“Maria Tan started making Pep Tea for me last year and it gave me energy through busy days of teaching and parenting. I drank a healthy and delicious glass of the tea before grading papers or cleaning house and invariably found myself refreshed and ready. I think it’s terrific that handicapped and elderly people can now have access to pep tea through the home delivery system. I recommend it to everyone.”

  • Maya Soetoro-Ng

    Honolulu / Washington, D.C.

“Being a professional dancer, I have always been interested in holistic and homeopathic health products. I began brewing and drinking Maria’s (Pep) tea nearly 20 years ago. Ten years ago, I developed what was diagnosed as fibromyalgia. During that time, I tried scores of purported “cures” including both palliative and complementary medicine. None worked as well as Peptea, and when just recently I was finally correctly diagnosed with celiac’s disease, I believe that, had I not been drinking the tea that so handily removes toxins, I would have been completely disabled and unable to work. Yet, because of the tea’s positive effects, and now maintaining a gluten-free diet, I am back working full time and enjoying good health again. Peptea’s many positive properties, including toxin and free radical removal, have really saved my life! I am so grateful for this, and recommend that families use this product to ward off the ill-effects of the thousands of toxins we are exposed to daily in today’s culture…starting TODAY!!!”

“Ever since I started drinking Peptea in the morning, I have been able to give up my caffeine addiction. I started drinking coffee in college and have never been able to quit without getting bad headaches or feeling tired all day. Peptea gave me the extra boost of energy that I needed to start my day and after a week, I didn’t even miss my morning cup of java. Plus, I feel more charged up in the afternoon which carries me through until bedtime. I love it!”

  • Janet O’Connor

    O’Connor Creative

    Kapolei, Hawaii

“I heard of Kombucha tea in the early 90’s. People would grow the culture in tea and when it had a ‘baby’ they would peal it off and give it to some one for good luck and the tea itself had beneficial properties. When I was co-hosting “Casa y Estilo Internacional” on Gems TV in Miami, our crew went to Panama to do a special on the country. We had the great pleasure of visiting a spa high in the mountains. And can you guess what they served their guests to promote their well being? You got it – Kombucha Tea! When I met Maria, I was amazed that she was brewing Kombucha for herself and drinking it every day and was not surprised to hear that it helped her recuperate from a very bad car injury. I am so glad that she’s made it available to the public because now I can drink it on a regular basis! I love the taste! It is very refreshing and I can feel the energy boost it produces in my system, which for me is awesome because I tend to have low energy. The other thing that it’s helped me with is acid reflux disease. It has helped settle my stomach without me having to take any harsh medications!!! Thank you Maria!”

  • Rev. Gerardo R. Cantu

    MA – Spiritual Psycholgy / Reiki Master

    Kaneohe, Hawaii