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In traditional Chinese medicine, Kombucha tea is considered the ultimate elixir of youth/life, the Tea of Immortality, and dates as far back as the Tsing dynasti (250 BC). Known to balance the middle Chi (the spleen and the stomach), the tea aids the digestive system to perform more efficiently in delivering nutrition and eliminating toxins. By letting the body heal itself, the tea breaks down lethargy, reduces dampness and phlegm, and expels toxins in the system.

Maria Drinking Tea with a FriendCalled Hongchajun (black tea fungus/mushroom), or chamejun (tea mold), Kombucha is also known as Ling Zhi, which contains various amino acids, micro elements and other amylase, biological alkali and enzymes. Modern medicine experiments proved that Ling Zhi is capable of improving immunity, memory, regulating blood pressure, protecting the liver, relieving coughs and delaying aging.

Note: Chinese Kombucha’s counterpart Japanese drink, known as Kocha Kinoko (black tea mushroom) uses only black tea with the culture. Another Japanese drink Kombu, similar in name, is dried, powdered version of kelp tea using dried seaweed, without the culture.

Recorded history of Kombucha in Ukraine and Russia start in the 19th century.  Statistical data conducted in the early 1950s by the Russian Academy of Science and the Central Oncological Research Institute in Moscow claimed the benefits of drinking the tea, which they called “kvass”.  In two particular districts in Russia, Solikamsk and Berezniki, where residents drink the Kombucha kvass teas on daily basis, studies showed there were hardly any cancer cases in spite of the environmental pollution. Trees were dying, as were fish in nearby waters. Potassium, lead, mercury and asbestos mines and other processing plants were creating toxic living conditions. There were also higher level of alcohol and nicotine consumption, yet lower levels of arrest for drunken offenses.  The team discovered the unknown tea kvass consumption in both regions, as just about every household produced this tea wine and consumed it daily in ample quantities. Later, it was determined the kvass Kombucha tea contains glucaric acid, folic acid, lactic acid, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, among other things.

More recent studies by Michael Roussin in the book “Analysis of Kombucha Ferments”  suggest the active component in kombucha is GLUCARIC ACID, which help makes the liver more efficient, in elimination of glucoronic acid conjugates that are produced by the liver.  Glucaric acid is commonly found in fruits and vegetables and known to be a cancer preventive agent as well.

There are many health benefits claimed by drinking Kombucha, based on extensive research done in USSR, Russia and Germany, namely:

  • rehabilitates and regulates intestinal flora
  • stimulates digestion and metabolism
  • restores acid/alkaline balance
  • regenerates cell walls
  • relieves constipation and sluggish bowels
  • relieves headaches and stomach pains
  • moderates sudden dips in blood sugar in diabetes
  • effective for fatigue, nervous tension and aging symptoms
  • helps with inflammation of the small and large intestines
  • relieves irregular and menstruation cramps
  • reduces hot flashes during menopause
  • improves skin complexion and elasticity
  • relieves allergies and breathing irregularities.

Additional  testimonials: Peptea founder can personally support most of the health claims as she has been drinking Kombucha DAILY for the past 12 years. She is actively teaching, performing and making the tea daily to serve the markets. Her first Kombucha culture was given to her by her physical therapist while recovering from a car accident in 1997, as she suffered from neck injury and persistent back pain, and was not able to lift a book or carry a purse. The tea has helped rejuvenate her energy, and enabled her to carry on with the daily task of teaching.

Other benefits for her include good eyesight, hearing, no illness for the past 12 years, sharp memory, great energy and so on. She leads a full, normal active life now and contributes her full recovery to taking Kombucha and receiving acupuncture to relieve back pain.

Kombucha has been dubbed the ‘natural viagra’ for men – a claim made by men who have taken Kombucha over periods of time (months) and has also helped with the release of kidney stones in a case encountered in 2000.


JarsPeptea is made of black tea, green tea and white sugar, needed to ferment the yeast Kombucha culture. The culture looks like a white mushroom or SCOBY (acronym for Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). The tea is produced by a fungal consortium of Acetobacter xylinum and Schizosaccharomyces pombe yeast.

Immersed in solution of black tea and sugar, the SCOBY, through a complex process of fermentation that takes from 7-10 days will produce the Kombucha, which contains only 0.5% alcohol, about the same as non-alcoholic beer. “Mother” Scoby will produce “Baby” (keiki) scoby that can be used for the next batch of kvass. The process itself is a miraculous and fascinating manifestation of recycling of living organism that mirrors our very own regeneration of life’s energy as we do everyday.

As the Kombucha is a symbiotic combination of vinegar-producing bacteria (Acetobacter) with at least two yeast. The fizzy-ness of most Kombucha can be hard for those with sensitive stomach, so PEPTEA takes that into consideration and is gentler and easy to drink. Otherwise, if you like it more fizzy, leave Peptea in warmer temperature and it will be ‘soda’ like .

As you can see, Kombucha is a magnificent drink for men, women, children of all ages.

PEPTEA-Kombucha is made with organic tea, contains little fluoride, and should not provoke allergic reaction when the liver cannot handle the detoxification process that Kombucha helps release.


It is best to drink daily, once in the morning and another in the mid afternoon or before dinner. The most important thing is consistency and regularity. The benefits are felt over time. Kombucha tea may contain residue of the culture as it continues to ferment, so a little black ‘glob’ may appear on the bottom of the tea. Do not drink the black ‘glob’  and do not panic. Just take a little coffee filter or paper towel and strain your tea before drinking it.

Peptea is a much healthier alternative to the sweetened beverage/sodas in the market. It is not too late to start your children to drink healthy Kombucha, which contains only the trace amount of sugar needed to ferment the culture. In return, you will have better concentration and sharper memory to boot! ~ENJOY~